Our Testimonials

“I have had a recurring back injury for the last 18 months which left me with a back ache and numbness in my thigh.  I had one session with Joanne which released the pain and, although sore the next day, I have had no pain or numbness whatsoever since.  Great service, thank you Joanne” Deborah, Five Oaks Consulting, Essex

“I had been experiencing pins and needles in my fingers for a number of weeks and after meeting Joanne Larner at a Business Meeting decided to attend for a consultation with her.
After a through consultation and initial assessment she started massage and manipulation treatment.
After the first session I felt considerably better and incredibly after three sessions the sensation in my fingers had completely returned to normal.
I am so impressed with the results and was so impressed with the professional service provided by Joanne.  Thank you Joanne”
Amanda Phipps, Eastwood, Essex

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