COVID-19 Policy

Image of earth wearing mask We have made some important changes in order to ensure your safety during the COVID-19 epidemic.

We ask you to:

Answer the pre-appointment questionnaire honestly and accurately and let us know if you develop any COVID symptoms later.

Arrive on time for your appointment if possible and, if early, remain in your car until called.

Wear a face covering, unless exempt.

Bring your own towel and/or gown if you wish to use one.

Use the hand sanitiser on entry and on leaving.

Pay by card if possible.

We have conducted a risk assessment and performed the following:

We have minimised surface areas for cleaning in the treatment room, the waiting area and toilet.

We have acquired appropriate sanitisers to clean down hard surfaces after each patient.

We have removed clinic linens such as plinth covers and replaced pillows with wipeable ones.

All surfaces likely to be touched, such as door handles, pens, etc will be cleaned between patients.

Sanitiser gel will be provided for patients before they enter (contactless) and as needed.

When taking your case history, we have ensured that there is room to ensure adequate social distancing.

Appropraite PPE will be worn by the practitioner and discarded or sanitised between patients.

We have removed towels from the toilet and replaced them with a paper towel dispenser. Hand sanitiser is also available if preferred.

Appointments will be staggered to ensure sufficient time between patients to sanitise all surfaces in the treatment room and all door handles, etc.

We have introduced a pre-appointment screening questionnaire to be answered on the day before or the morning of your appointment.

We are able to accept payment by card.




Image by Joyjit Chowdhury from Pixabay